The Definitive Guide to collation protéiné

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Implementing an accent-insensitive binary collation returns all strings that begin with d, D, and accented e, including Ê or ê. Applying a similar research with NLS_SORT established to XSPANISH also returns strings that start with ch, since ch is addressed being a composite character that collates between c and d in standard Spanish. This chapter discusses the styles of collation that Oracle Database features And just how they have an impact on string queries by SQL and SQL regular expressions.

You can use Oracle Locale Builder to view the location with the canonical equivalence flag in current multilingual collations. Any time you produce a custom-made multilingual collation with Oracle Locale Builder, it is possible to established the canonical equivalence flag as preferred.

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In the ASCII typical, all uppercase letters surface prior to any lowercase letters. Within the EBCDIC normal, the other is accurate: all lowercase letters seem before any uppercase letters.

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You will find instances exactly where people are the exact same working with binary comparison but distinct website making use of linguistic comparison. By way of example, which has a binary location, the character C in Cindy, Chad, and Clara signifies the identical letter C:

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The NLS_UPPER SQL operate returns all uppercase characters from your exact character established since the lowercase string. The following illustration displays the result of the NLS_UPPER functionality when NLS_SORT is set to XGERMAN:

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All SQL collations and comparisons are determined by the binary values of your string people, regardless of the benefit set to NLS_SORT. Here is the default location.

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